Star Beings, Negative Extra Terrestrials, And Professional Clearing

 Ancient Aliens to Star Wars, let’s face it, we humans are utterly fascinated by the night sky and what ‘else’ is out there. I can remember as a child wondering why the moon was following us. I went from star gazing to star fascination.  The wonderment of intelligent life somewhere else continues to tantalize my …

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Home Altars

Home Altars Why You Should Care for Them Since the early 90’s, people began a trend for home altars. People were purchasing Buddha’s, Hindu Gods and Goddesses, Tibetan Tangkas, Angels, Faeries, and Deities of every kind to create the most elaborate home altars. Most people did not know the meaning of their often expensive altar …

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The More Conscious I Become

The more conscious I become; I am aware of how more conscious I need to be. Althea GrayHealer plain and simple  Join Althea’s Email List to Receive a Free Light Webinars Masterclass Series and a Brand New Guest Speaker Talk on Big Foot


I often contemplate what is the best way I can share my  humanist. I ask myself, what contribution can I make that will have a lasting value? One word comes up that shines before all others. You might think the word is love. The word is awareness. Awareness helps us see life with other eyes. …


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