Soul Retrieval

Reclaiming Lost Parts of Your Spirit

Through Trauma, Shock, Profound Loss, Deep Sadness, we can lose parts of our Spirit. Another self is developed to compensate for the part of self that is gone. If too many parts of your spirit are gone, we are no longer the Self that came to this earthly plane.

Soul Retrieval refers to forms of shamanic practice that aims to reintegrate various interpretations of the Soul that might have become disconnected, trapped or lost through trauma.”

It is difficult to Heal deeply when many parts of yourself are gone.   When the Soul experiences trauma, parts of it may fragment and leave.  The Soul is eternal and will do all that it can to stay whole, so, when trauma threatens its existence, the Soul fragments.  

A coping mechanism takes its place. That mechanism is a mechanism, it is  not the authentic you.

My experience has been that most people lose 5 parts of themselves in one life time.  People who lose more than that have trouble being themselves and navigating life in a wholesome way. Examples of Coping Mechanisms: Addictions, Hyper Religiosity, Anger, Excess, Over Eating, Depression, Lying, Bullying, Over Exercising, Workaholics, Withdrawal from Life, Illness. (Always something wrong)

Shamans knew long ago that no person is whole without a full integration of the Soul.

Service Detail

  • Soul Retrieval Sessions are a part of Jump Start Programs One and Two
  • Soul Retrieval Sessions can be done out side of these programs:
  • Single 2 Hour Session $297.00
  • 4 Sessions $397.00

New Clients Must Book  A Consultation First 

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