Wholistic methods to manage pain is often expensive and ineffective.

Pain Story

Chronic pain is becoming  as pervasive as the common cold. 
Drug counters are spilling over with pain medications.

The story of  ‘pain’ in our modern culture is growing.
The causes for ‘pain’ is extensive.

The human body is being bombarded with toxic energies it cannot easily adapt to.
The body is trying to but technology is tap dancing faster than we  can.

Electronics, cell phone towers, 5 G technology, microwave energies, food toxins, air toxins,and earth toxins are reaching levels that are competing with life in all forms on our planet.

One of the consequences of electro-magnetic over load  is chronic pain and psychic stress.

Management of pain has to include a check on personal EMF exposure and food allergies.

How I Can Help

I assist clients manage pain with acupuncture dolls.  I move energy and remove energy blocks.  I rebalance the body by moving the toxic over load.

I do this with acupuncture dolls.
The results are an amazing removal or reduction of pain without the use of medications.

Sessions are performed by telephone or zoom.
Session time:  60 minutes.   

“ I want you to know how incredibly grateful I am for the work you have been doing with me. I can feel my body healing and changing. It’s amazing because I’ve tried everything (allopathic, herbal, homeopathic, medical, and etc.) and your work is really changing my health in a way the medications and devices could not. I really want to share what you do with others!….. You are a true gift in my life and a gift to this world. I appreciate you so much.  

Chronic Migraines.  Jan Wakefield Darvis, Professor.

Disclaimer:  This type of session is non- medical and does not replace your doctor, therapists, or your medications. You  enter this type of session with this full understanding.  Althea Gray reserves all rights to refuse

Service Detail

New Clients Must Book  A Consultation First 

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