Gold Kit™
Gold Treatment
A non- Medical Light Therapy

LIGHT, everything boils down to this one word

They all mean the same thing.


My Gold Kit™ is based on the idea that everything in the Universe has a light frequency that can be measured and increased.

I invented this system of ‘light therapy’  to increase the amount of LIGHT in the world and in the individual. It is my hope that by doing this, we will experience more peace, wellness, and love.  More ‘Light’ will place the world in the ‘flow’ of Divine Energy.

                                                    Everything in the ‘seen’ world and the ‘unseen’ world has a LIGHT MEASUREMENT

Low Light Measurements can:

  • Sustain disease and support physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual suffering. .
  • Can call in darkness and oppress human evolution.

High Light Measurements can:

  • Promote healing, good health.
  • Elevate states consciousness.
  • Improve understanding of your immediate world and the world that we share.

What Gold Treatments™ can do:

•Expand your consciousness Improve your ability to 
    respond positively to current therapies
• Improve overall health and mental wellness
• Improve your capacity to ‘heal’
• Improve your ability to attract better circumstances
    in life
• Improve your ability to understand and utilize higher
    states of consciousness
• Improve sleep 
• Improve anxiety disorders
• Increase intuition 
• Deter dark forces that may be robbing you and your
    environment of LIGHT

Who and What Can Receive
Gold Treatments™:

• Humans both young and old
• Hospice Care individuals
• Animals
• Buildings and Land of all kind
• Essential Oils, Gemstones, Minerals
• Food, Water, Plants


Gold Kit™

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Disclaimer: Gold Treatments™ are a non-medical LIGHT therapy. It does not replace or substitute for your current therapies, doctors, or therapists. The Gold Treatment™ is not a cure, nor does it imply a cure. The founder and practitioner of the Gold Treatment™ is held harmless based on this disclaimer. The practitioner can refuse to give a Gold Treatment™ at any time based on their own wisdom to do so.

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