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Institute for Professional Healers ™

Welcome Global Community!

Our Goals

Our goals as an Institute are to help healers become knowledgeable experts in their field and to educate the public about what healers do. 

There is something for everyone.   There are classes to expand and explore all aspects of  Healing and Consciousness.

Healers and Those Interested in Becoming a Healer

I have been a healer for more than 20 years.  I have participated in many conferences on Integrative Medicine.  Rarely have I seen healers  invited to speak.

You may ask why.  It is because few healers can articulate their craft.  They rarely can explain the science of healing and why it works.

The Institute will offer foundational courses to give Healers a good understanding of the subtle world they work in.

Included in the foundational courses will be courses on the business of running a healing practice.

Courses Offerings

The course offerings will allow Healers or those interested in the art of Healing an opportunity explore the many facets of the subtle science of healing.

Teachers who are experts in their field will teach classes.

Some class offerings will be offered in a series.  Some classes offerings will be offered individually.



The Institute will offer different levels of certificates:

Certificates of Attendance and more complex Certificates that indicate different levels of Mastery.

I look forward to uplifting you and the art of Healing.

The role of the healer will be more and more important in the years to come.

Classes You Can Look Forward To

Dowsing with a purpose

Human Subtle Systems

How Chakras Tell A Story

Color As A Healing Tool

Explore Different Types of Subtle Medicine Systems

Understand Your Bio Energetic Field

Geopathic Stress and Your Health

Pain Management without Pills

Cosmology and Consciousness

Astrology for Healers

Foundation of Numerology

We All Have Something New to Learn

…and more

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