We Take the ‘Boo’ Out of the Unseen World

Welcome to your Professional Clearer ®

2025 Master Certification Course!

About Your Master Course

You will spend an exciting year exploring every aspect of the ‘unseen world’.
You will explore everything about this world  and how it effects everyday life.
This course is probably the most complete course of its kind in the world.

I have spent the last 17 years exploring the unseen world and developing a
methodology that is quick, safe, and pin point accurate.
All Professional Clearing is done from your desk.

Can you be harmed by doing this work?  No, because my methods are completely safe.
I have created a ‘protection’ board that keeps both the practitioner and the client safe.
We never go on location to clear. Everything is done at a distance.
The results can be felt instantly no matter where you are in the world.
My methodology provides measurable results. 

Why Is Your Course Important?

Interference by the unseen world is becoming more pervasive. 
More and more people are suffering without any explainable cause.
Anxiety, depression, panic attacks, poor health, sleeplessness, aggravated addictions, aggravated mental health issues, anger, agitation,  and bad luck can have their foundation in dark forces in the person’s energy field.

Many are seeking help with therapist and doctors who offer what they know best: medication. Professional Clearing helps people return to a sane and happy world.  Most professionals, healers, body workers, doctors are not aware of how much this world is affecting their clients or themselves.

When You Complete Your Master Course

  • You will be experts in this field
  • You will speak the language of this field and be able to explain intelligently
    your findings and solutions to your clients
  • You will learn how to analyze the problem and learn how to resolve the problem
  • You will learn how to clear 26 items, including items from past lives, and family curses
  • You will clear time line issues which effect life now and in the future
  • You will learn to cut cords from 16 different chakras, the Higher Self, and 12 different dimensions.
  • You will learn how to remediate (heal) the person, home, business, land, pets, objects with light.

Monthly Modules

Students will have 12 modules discussed on live zoom calls.
Modules will cover the following:

  • Dowsing
  • Make a Witness
  • How to Use the Analysis Sheets and Charts
  • Exploration of Spells, Curses, Portals, and more
  • History of the Unseen World
  • Learn Why People Need Protection
  • Star Beings, Dark ET’s, Conspiracies
  • Practical Magic
  • Feng Shui for Professional Clearers
  • Oh’Oponopono in Professional Clearing
  • How to Interview a client
  • The Business of Professional Clearing – Marketing
  • Ethics
  • Other useful credentials

Guest Speakers


Students will participate in a live 3-day practicum.  A virtual 3-day practicum will also be on Zoom.
International Student will have private instructions if they are not able to attend
The ‘In-person’ practicum.


Students will have monthly tutorials and reviews of their case studies
on Zoom.  Students are given a lot of ‘live’ help.


Students have required case students. They must demonstrate proficiency
in Professional Clearing and case management.


Upon successful completion of the requirements for graduation, students will
receive a Certificate to hang on their wall with the designation:
Certified Master Professional Clearer®. 
The certificate will come out of Althea Gray’s International Institute for Professional Healers™.

In addition:

  • Student will receive course materials pertinent to the course
  • Students will receive a statement for their website
  • Students will receive the Professional Clearer® Logo with their Certification to use on business cards (use will be limited)

Welcome to becoming a modern day Jedi !

Althea Gray, Founder

Invites you to become a Master Professional Clearer® 
Check out the Sign Up Details

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