Thank You for Your Kind Reviews

Althea Gray is one of the most remarkable healers to walk this earth.

I’ve worked closely with her for 20 years – she is a featured teacher in many of my events and I highly recommend her. She truly offers a unique style of clearing and energy medicine. When I tour Althea is on call and I can attest that because of her I am able to do the work I do without getting ill from the draining effects of mediumship in front of large audiences. Her work is unprecedented and she is humble, honest and full of integrity.

Colette Baron-Reid
Internationally Renown Intuitive Counselor,
Medium, TV and Radio host, and Best selling author published in 27 languages.

“Sometimes medicine and traditional therapy can not get to the heart of the matter. That is when Althea’s brilliance and mystical expertise come into play. Only through divine grace could anyone possess the profound abilities to make a broken soul whole again as she alone can.

Cynthia Fontaine

Owner at Cynthia Fontaine Master Healer/Teacher-Intuitive Psychic and Medium

Althea Gray is refined and professional. She is compassionate, devoted and gifted in all she does. I’ve been working with Althea for the last few months and have become more enlightened and profoundly aware about how to understand what I can do to better myself and my life aspirations. I am learning every day, even when not in direct communication, I take her advice and…

Deborah Samuel


Althea is the most remarkable healer. Her knowledge and skill in seeing a client on their deepest soul level is truly a gift. With this gift and her very advanced as well as her extensive training, she is able to guide her clients to new levels of understanding and healing, taking you on a journey like no other

Teri Santella

SVP Sales/Merchandising & Marketing

I am very happy and honored to recommend Dr. Althea Gray to all those who require her services. I consider Althea, a friend, colleague, service provider, confidant and a mentor. My path intersected with Althea’s, about four and a half years ago through an art therapy project that she wished to create for the children who had faced trauma,in Sri Lanka. 

Kathleen Robinson

Independent Writing and Editing Professional

I have worked with Althea Gray since 2008. Althea is an expert in the healing arts. She is extremely gifted and conscientious with her abilities and has helped me tremendously to understand the workings of my place within myself and within the world around me. I highly recommend Althea Gray.

Lydia Winslow

Althea is a one of a kind, authentic healer and counselor. She is compassionate, patient, and extremely knowledgeable. Her healing methods are superior and life changing. Confidentiality is a top priority-one never has to worry about her respect of privacy. She understands each client as a unique individual and goes beyond what is hoped for.

Colette Jackson

CSO at Food and Drug Administration

Althea is a truly remarkable individual and is a blessing to humanity. I began sessions with Althea over a year ago because I had low energy, and was physically and mentally drained due to my life’s circumstances. With Althea’s assistance, I have been able to clear many obstacles that have been interfering with reaching my God given potential…

Lisa Powers

Owner at Believe the Muse

Althea has been an invaluable part of healing our family. She has worked with my young daughters, partner and myself with great care and strength albeit subtle in her manner and discrete in her assessment. I will always be grateful beyond words for her deep well of grace in extraordinary circumstance…

Kirsten Stoltmann


Althea has been a God-send, literally. We have been working together for more that a year and the results are undeniable. She has been guiding me and providing an invaluable service of getting me to feel whole again. I seriously could not have survived last year without her support, guidance, caring nature and spiritual expertise.

Hari Nam Singh

Healer, Teacher, Yogi

Althea has a deep understanding and is well practiced in the work that she does. She is very intuitive and creative. A session with her will bring to light something in you that may be obscured from your vision. She will suggest a creative approach to your manifesting what you need. When Althea commits to working with you, she will.

Daphne Williamson

Business owner, Consultant and strategist, Philanthropist, Social justice advocate, Socialpreneur

Life is so interesting.  I wish everyone had access to a healer like you, can you imagine what a different world it would be!  Just know that you’ve made a difference in my life for the better and I’ll always love you and appreciate you!

Joseph Ward

Writer, Healer

I retained Althea’s services as an energy healer/ medium 2 years ago to clear some negative metaphysical energies that had been lurking around my daughter and I (we are the “intuits” in the family).
Althea completed the tasks required in a timely manner with great results- even the more stubborn and malicious energies disappeared.

Kathy Kottwitz


Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank You Thank you!

Nicole Bernardo

Life coach at Ignite Life Design and freelance live-television Associate Director at CBS in NYC

I tell everyone that Althea is my secret weapon.  I went to her in the hopes of healing my body from disease, but Althea approached my sickness in a holistic way.  Very early on in our healing sessions, Althea uncovered the true reasons for my physical suffering, and taught me to accept those reasons in order to begin to heal those parts of my psyche.  Now, I have a healthier relationship with my body, and I’m also less easily stressed by my old triggers.   I highly recommend working with her!

Ashtiana Sundeer


O MY Dear Althea, I offer you my deepest gratitude for your compassionate wisdom and your special gifts. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Roberta Falke


Thank you for being my teacher, for lighting my path and so gently kindling the fire inside. Again I can’t recommend her enough. ps she also works with animals and has helped my dogs when they were in distress and the list goes on.

Susan Holm


Thank you so much for your care, compassion, and guidance.  You have given me tremendous insight and clarity on things I did not know I was carrying inside my being. Looking forward to the article.Thank you for being a blessing

Thanks so much for everything you have done for me. I know I have made a lot of progress this year, and I can’t wait for more.  I have learned so much from you….it has truly brought my life back to me.

Myriam Ledger

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