About Althea

I am a Healer, plain and simple.

I was born with the capacity to heal. I have devoted much of my life to this noble profession.​

Althea Gray

I hope my life’s journey serve as a deep source of inspiration to anyone who wants to serve as a Healer.  I hope it serves as a source of strength for those who feel like they will “never get there”.

I grew up in very humble beginnings without the normal interface with the outside world. I believed this was destined so I would look inward at a very early age.

I am grateful to my indigenous Nicaraguan grandmother who was a Curandera (Shamanic Healer from Central and South America). She gave me the genetic material to be a Healer.

Ana Alfaro de Conte

Having the genetic material was not enough. In my teens, I began my deep spiritual journey to far corners of the world which then connected me to many extraordinary spiritual teachers. These experiences sharpened my consciousness and gave me esoteric knowledge of the mundane and spiritual world.  I became comfortable with many cultures and many people. 

My first clinic was in Sri Lanka. Today, I gratefully serve as Honorary Consul of Sri Lanka for 14 years. During the last 22 years, I honed my skills as a Healer and invented many tools and systems to aid Healers and other practitioners who are engaged in ‘people’ professions (Doctors, Therapists, Body Workers, Coaches, etc.). I took old systems and wove them into a modern context so they integrate with all systems of healing and medicine. I don’t use ‘cookie cutter’ healing methods which often don’t include the client’s unique story.

I founded the Althea Gray’s International Institute for Professional Healers™
My goal is to train all ‘Healers’ to become Professionals who:

  • Know their ‘craft’
  • Can speak intelligently about what they do
  • Can interface and work with their client’s doctors and therapists
  • Are ‘client’ oriented
  • Work with love and integrity for the greater good of their client


Althea’s Accomplishments

I continue to be open to birthing just the right things and the right time. Please explore my “Menu of Services” and “How I work” to learn more about how I Heal.

Special thanks to my mentors, spiritual teachers, and clients

Remember to pass on the help that you are given. It keeps the gift going

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