Welcome !
Thank you for joining Althea Gray’s 2025
Master Professional Clearer® Course

The course starts at the end of January and the syllabus will be emailed to you at the end of December. 


I understand and agree to the terms and agreements of the 2025 Professional Clearer® Master Course

I agree to sign the Contract of Use before the Professional Clearer ® Master Course begins on
January 26, 2025 (will be sent to registrant)

I understand full refund request are honored up until January 1, 2025
I understand that refunds January 2- January 10, 2025, are subject to a Non Refundable fee of $997
I understand that NO refunds will be issued after January 15, 2025
Students who drop out of the course are not given further access to the course and are removed from the
Private Facebook Page.

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