How I Heal

Healing and Consciousness

I came into this world with the consciousness and genetics to become a healer. 
My grandmother was a Curandera (Shamanic Healer from Central and South America).
I inherited her bones.

In order for me to awaken that potential, I had to work very hard to develop my gifts as a healer. My gifts and knowledge evolved over years of study and hard work. I had to prove my worth and dedication.

All healers go through many Rites of Passage before they are allowed to touch your spirit.

A healer’s consciousness and depth of knowledge will determine the kind of healing you will receive and your ultimate outcome.

I don’t perform ‘cookie cutter’ healing. Your individual story and journey is important to me. My gift as a healer is getting to the heart of the matter.


The ‘ you’ of  you is complex.  We are a summary of many patterns bought to you by your own soul consciousness, your present life, your past life, your ancestors, and what family of origin you come from (yes, many of you are from other dimensions, galaxies, and faraway places).You can’t imagine all the incredible things I see.

I thank you in advance for placing your trust in me for your healing process.



Everything begins with your story. What is going on? Book a ½ hour consultation to tell your story.

I will determine a course of action based on our consultation .

New Clients Must Book  A Consultation First 

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