Soul Journey Program

For Some, Healing Needs a Bigger Commitment

I designed this program for those who have deeper more complex problems that require more time and insight to heal. Some have fallen through the cracks and have tried to heal with little success. Some have simply been beaten up by life. 

This program is for those:

  • Who have very deep-seated problems that have been resistant to change.
  • Who feel broken in some way.
  • Who are in serious life transitions.

A commitment of 6-8 months is required to be in this program.
I work intensely with the client to create insight, transformation,
and a better navigational map for life.

It is the most comprehensive healing program I offer.

You will receive:

  • Clarity ( I understand why I had a problem)
  • Workable Life Tools
  • New Narrative to create a better life.

Many stay in this program as a part of their own self- care
because they enjoy the sessions so much.

This program includes:
Jump Start Program
Weekly Sessions (3 sessions per month)
Past Life Regressions (additional cost or trade out of 2 sessions)
Wisdom Keeper Sessions
Family of Origin Sessions
Professional Clearing (additional cost or trade out of 2 sessions)
Gold Treatments
‘Molly’ Sessions
…….and more.

Service Details

 New Client’s Must Book  A Consultation First 

Soul Journey Program $397 Per Month

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