Limpia is a Spanish word that means “to clean”.

Healers in Central and South America used this technique to cleanse all things that make the spirit “sick”

I come from a lineage of Healers. My grandmother was Curandera from Nicaragua. I inherited my ability to do Limpias. I was never taught. It was transmitted to me via my lineage.

Curanderismo is a holistic system of Medicine in Latin America.

All traditional Healing systems recognize that a “sick” spirit leads to a sick mind, and, eventually, a sick body.

This treatment is 2 hours long. It involves a vigorous massage that includes the use of fresh mint, rosemary, basil, fresh limes.

Sometimes black seeds are released through the skin. These seeds are dark thought, addictions, sadness, grief, blockages.

Sometimes it takes several limpias before the seeds begin to flow.

Limpias are profound and the back bone session for all Curanderas. Included with this session is a Professional Clearing of the person. This will clear any dark forces that could interfere with the healing energies of the Limpia. This Session has to be done in person.

Service Detail

All Limpias Are Performed in Person
Single Limpia (Includes personal Professional Clearing)
2 Hours $500

Weekend Package

Look for future Curanderismo Classes

New Client Must Book  A Consultation First 

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