Past Life Regression

Past Lives, Reincarnation as a Therapeutic Process

Did you know that every cell in your body has an imprint of your life’s story dating back to the time you formed as a Soul?
Your cells contain imprints from different times, different places, different eras. Your cells are a living Akashic record of you.
When Do Past Lives Act as a Block and Cause Stress today?
Patterns and experiences from the past are stored deep within us on a soul level.
Present day triggers can activate karmic patterns and deep memories that overwhelm present life experiences causing unreasonable reactions, phobias, fear, panic, PTSD like experiences.
Some may experience old memories from another time. (Bleed Throughs)
Sometimes, what is happening now is not the problem, but, what happened in the past.

How Do I Use Past Live Regression?

Serge Kahili King said, “Enduring patterns of thought keep us tied to channels deep within us. These thoughts set in motion habitual action. These actions awaken and trigger deep memories and karmic patterns within us waiting to be acted upon.”

I use Past Life Regressions as an integral part of my Healing practice because Past Life problems can interfere with a client’s ability to heal or live a successful life.

How Do You Know You Need a Past Life Regression?

  • Repeating Old Experiences Over and Over
  • Unreasonable Fears and Phobias
  • Free Floating Anxiety after a Life Experience
  • Can’t Let Go – Obsessive Behavior
  • Obsession over a person or place
  • Poor Self Esteem
  • Stuck Financially, Romantically, Spiritually
  • Health Problems

My Training

  • 10 year Past Life (Deep Memory Process®) Practitioner
  • Certified with late Dr. Roger Woolger, PhD – Deep Memory Process® (DMP)

“Deep Memory Process” (DMP) is a creative therapeutic synthesis of active imagination, psycho dramatic role play, various body therapies, and transpersonal psychologies. It was developed by Roger Woolger, Ph.D., from years of intensive practice with Jungian, Reich, various Shamanic and spiritual practices.”

Service Detail

Phone/Zoom Regression: $497.00
In Person Regression:       $597.00
2-3 Hrs Session for Past Life Regressions

Weekend Package (only in Person)
2 Past Life Regression  $1100.
Profession Clearing.      $500.
Limpia                            $497.

Normal Total $2,097.00
Package Discount Total $1,897.00. Savings $200

New Clients Must Book  A Consultation First 

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