Star Beings, Negative Extra Terrestrials, And Professional Clearing

 Ancient Aliens to Star Wars, let’s face it, we humans are utterly fascinated by the night sky and what ‘else’ is out there.

I can remember as a child wondering why the moon was following us. I went from star gazing to star fascination.  The wonderment of intelligent life somewhere else continues to tantalize my imagination.

From the number of ‘alien’ movies and television programs, I think the rest of the world is fascinated too.

Are we being contacted, abducted, studied, prodded, instructed by alien life? We don’t know whether to be fearful or excited over the possibility that other intelligent life may exist.

My experiences are leading me to believe that we are absolutely not alone in this big vast universe.  The more our science improves, the more access to other life becomes a reality to the everyday person.

Harvard Psychiatrist, the late John Mack, MD, spent a decade-plus performing studies on hundreds of people who reported having recurrent alien encounters and abductions. He wrote a compelling book called ABDUCTED in 1994 which gave us a different perspective on alien life.

Fast forward to 2021 and an explosion of information has come forward exposing, explaining, and investigating Star Life and Star Beings. Believe it or not, The U.N. (United Nations) has an office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) It is an office of the U.N. Secretariat that ‘promotes and facilitates peaceful international cooperation in outer space’.

The rumor has it that our government is (almost) ready to disclose ‘contact’. (Ha)

Why are Professional Clearers concerned about Star Beings, Extra Terrestrials, and UFO’s?

Humans are innocent.  They believe that the only unseen world is the bacterial/viral world. Those who are spiritual, may be believe in an all knowing and loving Creator, even though this Creator is unseen. Some may believe in Angels and Ghosts, again, for the most part all unseen.

We are currently living in a world that feels surreal with artificial intelligence beginning to infiltrate our way of life.  Contagious viruses  are threatening life itself. Humans are wondering what is going on in the ‘unseen’ world around them and are beginning to feel unsafe and unheard about their concerns.

We as Professional Clearers are well aware of many ‘unseen’ factors that affect how people feel.  We have deep knowledge of the ‘unseen’ world.  We specialize in this knowledge and know how to remove safely and quickly things that thwart human peace of mind and their ability to thrive well.

We are far more than ‘ghost busters’.  We know how to remove Negative Extraterrestrial Implants and we know how to close the energetic portals that are piercing the human energy field.  These portals allow anything from the unseen world, including negative ET energies, to enter our personal energy field.

All of this is ‘unseen’.  How do we know what we do works?  People feel better and do better. We have 17 years of positive feedback.

Not all Extra Terrestrial life is negative. There are beings that are trying to help human kind. They prefer to be called Star Beings.  They are helping humans advance science and consciousness. Humans need help to protect themselves and planet earth.

Althea Gray, Human Potential Healer

Professional Clearers are here to help!

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