Where You Gather Your Junk Means Something

Many years ago, when I first began my journey as a Healer, I worked in New York City.

 I use to go to my client’s home to give them their sessions. I often was surprised how ‘sick’ my client’s home felt.  

This took me into a more complex study of space via Feng Shui.

That along with my degree in Interior Design and Art History, gave me a more sophisticated understanding of how people used their space to express themselves and to manage their deep internal emotions.

Consciously or unconsciously, people’s choices in color, furniture, and accessories all reflected their inner story.   People created environments as a type of medicine to deal with unresolved emotions and feelings not easy understood or accessed.

I found this fascinating and started to ask clients to change the direction of their clothes or shoes in their closets.   It was amazing how much that simple process would stir buried stories within the person.  It would begin their deep inner healing journey.

 In addition, I had my clients empty their closet of unused items.  I was surprised how much ‘junk’ people bury in a closet.   This process made a huge difference in their healing.

A major moving company once told me that for many, moving was akin to experiencing a death.   At the time, this statement puzzled me.  

Years later, I completely understood why.   People often used their living environment to manage painful experiences and feelings. 

 A placement of a simple thing such as a vase may act as a tool to manage an unresolved wound.  

When these items were moved, it could untether a cacophony of painful unresolved stories. 

Lots of wounds and unfinished business are often managed with piles, clutter, and junk in certain areas of the Chinese bagua which could lure not only the dark uninvited guests, but, also, financial problems, romantic problems, family problems, career problems.  Where people piled their junk spoke to their many problems.

Professional Clearer ® students study an entire module on Feng Shui to understand how certain floor plans and architectural configurations invite dark forces. 

Flow, good circulation, and light are important considerations.  Clutter, junk, and poor lighting can entice uninvited visitors and a host of other problems.

The Chinese Feng Shui bagua defines 9 basic areas of life and the types of energy that enhances or depletes these are areas from working in a powerful way.     

This chart is an example of 9 ruling areas of the Chinese Feng Shui bagua.

Can You Identify Problem Areas?

Can you identify areas where you accumulate stuff?

Does it accumulate in these areas no matter how many times you clear it?

Are these areas poorly lit?

Do you avoid these areas?

Does the clutter tend to happen in one particular area?

Is it in your love and romance corner, is it in your financial corner, is it in the health sector of the bagua?  Are you having trouble in this area of your life?

You can begin to heal those areas of your life by doing the following:

  • Decide what to keep or throw away
  • Use containers that you label
  • Simplify
  • Use upward lighting in those problem areas. (Train energy to move upward)
  • If you are avoiding those areas, ask yourself why
  • Spend more time in those forgotten areas
  • Bless those forgotten areas – This is when the sage plant comes in handy.

Althea Gray, Human Potential Healer

A Professional Clearer ® can help you evaluate your home and give it a good energetic bill of health.  A healthy home is a healthy you on so many levels.

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