Sasquatch Free Interview with Experts Michael Wisotzke and Rainbow

All You Want to Know About Big Foot

Mike and Rainbow have been involved with the paranormal for most of their lives which led them to a partnership and collaboration in the macabre and high strangeness of life. They have over 60 years of research experience and dedication between them in finding the truth about all things paranormal, Cryptid and the alien phenomenon.

Michael led the New Mexico UFO and Paranormal Forum for 8 years and has written for his website Truthseeker Forum for over 13 years. Michael spent 10 years researching Abductee experiences in the Appalachian region. He has collaborated with many conferences in Georgia and New Mexico.

Rainbow studied to be a medicine woman in her early years which led her to train and experience the magic of the paranormal . She is an abductee and Empath who has been researching the alien phenomenon for over 20 years. Rainbow is a contributing writer for Paranormal Underground and Michael’s Truthseeker Forum.

Michael and Rainbow’s newest adventure is their YouTube channel, Dimensional Walking a Paranormal Journey. They talk about a multiple of topics which is sure to peak anyone’s interest in the paranormal.

Description of Talk:

1. Michael will talk about his experiences with well known Sasquatch researcher Kewaunee Lapseritis which will include expeditions into Idaho, Montana and Washington state.

2. Michael and Rainbow will talk about their experiences with a Sasquatch named Loekey and a Dogman named Tulack.

3. Michael and Rainbow will discuss their next contact with a female sasquatch named Warsiah. Because they gave her chocolates and apples, she gifted them a wreath that she made.

4. Sasquatch Highway

5. Creature X

6. Magical aspects of Sasquatch and Portals/Vortex photography

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