Althea Gray Presents Graham Phillips Interview

Graham Phillips Graham Phillips has been one of Britain’s bestselling non-fiction authors for forty years. In the late 1970s, after working as the editor of Strange Phenomena magazine, he turned his talents to investigating unsolved mysteries. He has since written eighteen books in print around the world. Graham has been described as a historical detective, a modern-day adventurer, and a real-life Indiana Jones. He has made international news with his various discoveries. An alabaster cup that might be the Holy Grail, a Roman ruin that could have inspired the legend of Camelot, and a 1500-year-old grave that may be the final resting place of King Arthur. He has also searched for the staff of Moses, the Ark of the Covenant, and the tomb of the Virgin Mary. His latest book – Strange Fate – concerns the search for an ancient relic said to have the power to change fate. Website: GrahamPhillips.Net, where there are links to his Youtube Channel and Facebook account. IMDB here

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