How to Bless Your Home and Your Land

Giving Thanks
How to Bless Your Home and Your Land

There is a time to Professionally Clear your homes and land of invasive dark unseen energies. There is also a time to bless and express gratitude to your loving home, the great spirits that protect your home, and to the great divine spirit that gives light to everything around us.

After a Professional Clearing of your home, land, or business, it is nice to follow up with a blessing.

I am always touched by how our native people pray and perform blessings. They always follow their heart, not necessarily an edict from a book. You want to feel your words and feel the magic of the blessing.

This is when the Sage Bundle comes into service as it is a ‘blessing’ plant.  It’s aromatic scent fills every nook and cranny.  It uplifts the energy in a very special way.

Let’s Begin
Begin your blessings with a ceremony.
Organize your ceremony.
Put together all of the things you want to use for your ceremony.
Think about what you would like to say. It is better that you speak from your heart or use words that inspire you and create beautiful spiritual energy.

Where do You Start?
If you are performing a house or business blessing, start at the front door.  Move clockwise around your home or office.  If there is more than one floor, start with the main floor and then move to the upper or lower floors. 
A candle ignites the ceremony.   It announces the intention to give thanks.
Use a new candle.  Begin your prayers.
Bells wake up spiritual energy.   I have two types of bells.  I have a deep sounding temple bell and bells that sound like faeries.   I use bells to wake up the chi in every room. 
Resins, Sweet Grass, Sage,  (a combination works too)
Burn safely
Move clockwise around the house or business.

Land Blessing Using Tobacco and Cornmeal
Think about your pattern of movement ahead of time.
Be careful using fire and flames outside.
You can light a candle inside first and begin your blessing prayers.
Remember to make those prayers meaningful to you.
You can use Native traditional ceremonial tobacco and cornmeal
Use traditional Chinese Blessing ingredients to sprinkle in a ceremonious way around the land.
(Follow instructions at the end of this blog).
Sprinkle the Tobacco and Cornmeal in a ceremonious way around the property as you state out loud your prayers and blessings.   You can also use bells to wake up the chi on the land.
Thank you Father Sky and Mother Earth.  I thank the great spirits on this land,  I thank the elemental care takers on this land,  I thank the creator for allowing me to live, prosper, and be
well on this land.  I honor you and I thank you.  Sprinkle tobacco, Sprinkle cornmeal.
Land Blessing using Chinese Ceremonial Blend
(The original recipe ask that you use red cinnabar. This is extremely toxic.  You can purchase
this only at a Chinese Medicine Store.  They won’t sell it to you unless they are convinced
you know how to use it. Animals may ingest this and die)
White Rice
Add Fresh Sage or dry sage
Red food dye ( Dye some of the rice red. This will take the place of the red cinnabar)
Brandy or Whiskey
Place all of the ingredients in a large bowl.
Stir 108 times.
Say Prayers as you stir to bless the mixture.
Buddhist say, ‘ Om Mani Padme Hum’. It is a powerful mantra which evokes the loving and unconditional qualities of compassion.
I like saying prayers that you can relate to.
Take the mixture outside.  Move around the property. Sprinkle the mixture on the ground while stating your blessing prayers.
You can also use bells to wake up the chi around your property.

Althea Gray, Human Potential Healer

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