How do you know when you are living in a sick house?

When we think of sick houses we tend to think of environmentally toxic homes.

More awareness should be focused on how we make our home environmentally unsafe.

Here are just a few things that can contribute to a ‘sick house’

  • Too many clever electronic devices tied into Wi fi.
  • Smart Meter Boxes near sleep areas of the home
  • Outside telephone cables too close to a home.
  • Cell phone towers
  • Toxic Cleaning supplies – especially, air fresheners and scented cleaners.
  • Off gassing from cookware, carpets, granite counters (they continuously release radon)

“Granite, like any other stone, may contain veins of naturally occurring radioactive elements like uranium, thorium, and their radioactive decay products. … If present, uranium, thorium or radium will decay into radon, a colorless, odorless, radioactive gas that may cause lung cancer. Apr 14, 2021”

There are other unseen and less know factors that can make a home sick.

How about underground streams?

How about geopathic stress lines called curry lines and Hartman lines?

How about ley lines? What do these lines do?  They can increase the electromagnetic field to unbearable levels where people can experience various kinds of cancer, mental problems, anxiety, heart failure, asthma.

A sick house can be a source of even darker problems.

All of these things pull the ‘light’ levels in your home down.  When light levels are low, it creates a perfect environment for another kind of toxic invasion.

Yes, dark forces.   They especially love noxious energy. They thrive in it.

My Professional Clearer’s Master Course explores these things as cause for dark forces infestation.

There are solutions.  We explore those solutions so that people can turn their living environments into healthy environments.

Professional Clearers are trained to look at many causes for why a home is no healthy enough to support its inhabitants.

Professional Clearer ® 2022 Master Certification Course is currently now open for enrollment.  Please join us for an eye opening year.

Althea Gray, Human Potential Healer

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