Is the Malocchio (Evil Eye) Real?

The concept of the ‘evil eye’ has been around for thousands of years.

Does the ‘evil eye’  really exist?  Indeed, it does.

As long as there is envy in the world, the ‘evil eye’ will exist.  It is created through a disparaging stare.  It is a stare that says ‘I want what you have’.

First, let us not confuse the amulet designed to dispel the ‘evil eye’ with the energy of the ‘evil eye’.  These amulets have many forms depending on the culture and country they are from.

If you see someone wearing an ‘evil eye’ amulet, they are trying to protect themselves, they are not casting an ‘evil eye’ spell.   The idea of the amulet is to redirect the envious stare.

Envy has a powerful effect not only on the person who is producing this energy,  but, also, on the recipient of this dark energy.

Many people are poisoned by envy.  Many crimes have been committed because of envy.

Envy produces as dark malevolent force that can produce harm.

It can produce the same energy as a spell, curse, black magic.

Bad luck, ill fortune, bad health are some of the alleged effects of the ‘evil eye.

It is no wonder that many countries around the world take the ‘evil eye’ very seriously.

Do you have to believe in the ‘evil eye’ for it to affect you?

 From my experience and knowledge of how energy is directed and imprinted,  I would say you do not have to be a believer for it to affect you.  We all understand the power of intention.

Can the effects of the ‘evil eye’ continue for generations?  Yes, the imprints can sink into the very essence of the person and continue for generations until it is cleared.

Ancient cultures understood this and went through great lengths to create effective amulets to divert the poisonous stare.


A Professional Clearer® is well trained in the art of removing the negative effects of the ‘evil eye’.  They know well the effects of negative intentions on others and what those intentions can produce. 


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 These are some common contemporary ‘evil eye’ diverters from around the world.

In Sri Lanka, people place a large effigy on the roof of a newly built house to redirect the envious ‘evil eye’. This is done today.

Althea Gray, Human Potential Healer

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