The Feng Shui of Wealth

My beautiful home has a missing marriage corner and a septic tank outside the wealth corner. Sigh

In addition, the land in the wealth corner had a severe downward slope, talk about money going down the drain!

My solution to curing those deficits was to use a ‘light’ cure to enhance those areas. I used a spot light and beamed the light up the wall of the missing corner. I placed the spot lights both on the inside and outside of the corner.

The spot light must beam upwards.

I minimized the downward slope of the land by adding soil and leveling off the decline. I placed some upward growing fruit bearing trees to counter balance the downward slope of the land.

Things to check for in the wealth corner of your home:

· Do you have a bathroom in the wealth corner ( if you do, remember to cover the drains and keep the lid down)?

· If you live in an apartment, does your neighbor have a bathroom on the opposite wall of your wealth corner? Better use a ‘light’ cure or place an upward growing plant in that corner.

· Is there clutter in that corner?

· Is that corner missing?

· Do you have a laundry hamper in that corner?

· Do you have a trash basket in that corner?

· Do you have chair where you continually leave dirty clothes in that corner?

Remember, appearance in Feng Shui counts. Make the wealth area of the Bagua look prosperous.

Time to create financial prosperity !

Althea Gray, Human Potential Healer

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