Nine Areas of the Bagua that Affect Your Life

Your home is a living entity that is easily imprinted energetically. It is constantly recording all of your thoughts and activities and making it a part of its living personality.

Your home is also a collection of energetic imprints and experiences from previous tenants and owners. It is like a live akashic record.

Soap and water will not erase these imprints.

House ‘healing’ is as important as ‘healing’ the body.

The Feng Shui Wheel of Life has nine (9) important areas that need to stay balanced in order to support the all encompassing wellness of you and your home.

1. Career (entrance- front center)

2. Knowledge/Spirituality (left front corner)

3. Helpful Benefactors/Clients (right front corner)

4. Health (center of the house)

5. Family/Past (left side of house)

6. Children/ Creativity (right side of house)

7. Wealth (left rear corner)

8. Love/Marriage (right rear corner)

9. Success/Fame (center back)

Althea Gray, Human Potential Healer

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