No One Escapes Suffering

I was listening to a series of talks by Alice Walker.

Her book of poems called, Taking the Arrow Out of the Heart

provoked a lot of thought on my part.

We must never forget that we are human.

We are a unique specie on planet earth because of the

astonishing range of emotion we are capable of feeling..

We have been both the recipient of and the aggressor

of painful  arrows.

We know the poison and we know the antidote.

It is time to remove the painful arrows out of our hearts.

It is time that we see our collective wounds and begin

to champion a higher kind of humanity that requires

unconditional love.

The whole world is ablaze with common suffering.

Your arrow is my arrow. If I recognize my pain,  I surely know your pain.

Althea Gray  Healer plain and simple

Althea Gray, Human Potential Healer

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