Feng Shui, Love, and Your Bedroom

Invisible energy patterns can deeply enhance or break down any area of your life. 

What you don’t see can be gracing you or harming you.

Yes, Feng Shui placement can affect your love life.

There is a Feng Shui ‘Gua ‘that effects love, marriage, and sex.

If there is no romance in your life,  you may want to check that area of your home.

You may ask, ‘where is that area located in my home’ ? 

When you enter your front door, the love corner is always located in the rear right corner of your home.  The same applies to your apartment or any rental.

Your bedroom is a place of comfort. You go there to find respite, to create intimate

connection, to heal when you are not well. 

Your bedroom serves you well.  You should consider it well.

Things you should consider:

  • Do you have a missing corner? Architects sometime design buildings with missing corners.  Missing corners in Feng Shui create lack in those areas. Cures such as:

    a. beaming a spot light upwards in the missing corner brings life to the absent corner
    b. placing romantic symbols and pink flowers bring sweetness to that corner.

  • Do you work and have too many electronics in your bedroom?
  • Do you have clutter in your bedroom?
  • Do you have things stored under your bed?
  • Do you still have a bed and bedding from a former long term relationship?
  • Do you have heavy ponderous furniture…….too much for a small bedroom?
  • Do you have a mirror facing your bed?
  • Do you have a doorway facing your bed?
  • Do you have a bathroom door open into your bedroom?
  • Do you have enough light in your bedroom; does it appear grim?
  • Do you have your bed placed under a window?
  • Do you have artwork that promotes something other than peace in your bedroom?

Your bedroom is important. Make it work for you.

Althea Gray
Healer plain and simple


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