Wake Up to Curiosity

We will never forget the imposed slumber, our forced retreat from the world this past year.
We are all rubbing our eyes and wondering what happened?

None of us could have envisioned a world lock down.

It’s time to wake up.  It’s time to be curious again.  It’s time for a hobbit adventure.

As we slowly return to a world that is longing to be alive and vibrant, wake up to your own sense of curiosity.

Some of you have used this quiet time to re-invent yourself. 
For some, change was not an option, it was imposed upon you.

Before life puts a foot to the pedal again moving us at a rapid pace, use what little quiet time we have left to do the following:

  • Be curious.  What new thing would you like to add to your life? New health habits, new skills, a move, new friends, new adventures, new business? Make a plan so that these new items can move from being a thought to a reality.
  • Make time each day for self – reflection.  This could come in the form of Journaling, Meditation, Prayer,  a Walk in Nature.  This does not have to be a big ordeal. 15 minutes a day is good enough…….just be consistent.
  • Make a plan for how to create more love for yourself and others. You deserve it.
  • Got a bag full of hate, resentment, anger?  Make a plan to dump it all.
  • Grief?  Make sure you make time to grieve lost loved ones.
  • Attitude Check:  Make a good one.

Althea Gray  Healer plain and simple


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