The world is forever changed.  We are not going back to what was.  Take a deep breath.  Take that in.

We are not going back to what was.

Many people have been describing a deep unexplained sadness.

It is not just because of Covid, the loss of loved ones, or the loss of jobs.

Many are experiencing the loss of an era.  We will not be the same and we are not going back to what was.

On an unconscious level, it has caused a feeling of being ‘no where’.

The state of emptiness is the greatest state of all..  It is a state of inclusiveness without definition or boundaries.  It allows all. It is all.  It just is.

Many of you have had no choice this year but to live in the ‘now’.

No where to run..  No where to hide.

The great Jupiter and Saturn conjunction in Aquarius is giving us the juice we need to fall forward, not backward.  

On December 21st 2020, Jupiter and Saturn will be 1 degree apart appearing like one bright star ( The Star of Bethlehem).  

It will be in the sign of Aquarius (new beginnings, new innovations, new humanity).  This alignment was not so visible to the earth since 1226 !

This alignment will occur on the shortest day of the year. Each day afterwards will bring the world into more and more light.

Take these last few days of the year and decide what is important to take with you on your next journey through life.

I love the image of the Hobbit getting ready for his next big adventure.

Instead of Santa checking his list twice.  You check your list twice.  You get to decide.  Every great adventure begins with a decision to take the adventure.  

Decide.  Choose what you want to take forward.

Althea Gray, Human Potential Healer

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