The Wonderful World of Light

Think of Light this way:
Light = Energy = Vibration = Frequency = Light
They all mean the same thing.

To be enlightened is to achieve a light level that opens the consciousness to all that is.

Saint Peter held the keys to heaven.  He held the light codes that opened the consciousness to the grace and beauty of heaven.

How much light something holds determines what it is and its purpose.

All knowledge and wisdom contain a light measurement.

When you match (are in resonance)with certain light measurements, you better understand

the concept.

Even darkness has light.

We all are beings of light.  We are reflections of Divine Light.

The more light we hold, the more we understand this.

Many great scientist have been studying the world of light and how light creates our universe.

I am always grateful to the late medical radiesthesia(medical dowsing) practitioner,

Andre Bovis, for his Bio-Meter Chart which measured light in a usable way to understand health.

I based my own Light Measurement chart on his idea that a light measurement can determine

how vibrant anything is, including your health.

In my work as a Professional Clearer® we determine the presence of ‘dark’ unseen forces in an

energy field by dowsing a light measurement.

Healers and other practitioners can determine whether they have made a difference with a client by measuring their Light Measurement (LM) before a session and after a session.

Having a tool to measure light is helpful in determining the state of health or whether something is beneficial or not.

Here are some examples:

Light Measurement of 500 or less: This LM can indicate that someone or something is dying.

Light Measurement of 1000: This LM is the frequency of Cancer, molds, and all diseases.

Light Measurement of 1000-11,000: This LM indicates the presence of dark unseen forces in an energy field.

Light Measurement of 6,500: This LM is necessary to sustain life.

Light Measurement of 14,000: This LM sadly reflects the consciousness of the masses at the moment. We want to move beyond this.    

Light Measurement of 18,000: This LM indicates the consciousness is beginning to connect to source. People who meditate tend to start with this light measurement.

Light Measurements of 27,000 plus: All foods, supplements, flower essences need to be at least this LM to be nourishing.  Flower essences should be one million ideally since the essence is the spirit of the flower.

Light Measurements beyond 27,000: This LM is the entry into the cosmic realm.

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