The Courage To Be Truthful

‘What a tangled world we weave once we practice to deceive’.

There never a good reason to deceive.

How many of you have hidden things because you thought the other person could not

handle the truth or you thought the other person did not need to know.

How many of you leave out information or edit information because you want to control a situation or you think the other person would not understand?

How many of you withhold the truth because you ‘don’t want to cause trouble’?

How many of you stayed silent when truth would could have healed a bad situation?

Truth is the nectar of the soul. Truth liberates the soul. Truth is how the soul shines.

Be mindful of how many times a day you leave something out or alter the truth in some way.

When you deceive, you are asking the Universe to bring  you those who will deceive.

When your family deceives, they create ancestral stories where future generations carry

the burden of deceit in their lives.

Truth should not be hidden under a pile of rubble.

Truth is a good thing.  Don’t make it so hard,  just do it.

Althea Gray, Human Potential Healer

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