Wisdom Keeper Session

The Sacred Altay (Altai) Mountains of Siberia

Many years ago I experienced a certain level of Consciousness termed “Emptiness” which changed my normal bounds of perception. I was no longer bound by the same confines of time and space.

The Altay (Altai) Mountains are located in Sibera close to China. The Shamans of Sibera say that all of the religions in the world were seeded here. They consider this mountain range, needless to say, as very sacred.

The Wisdom Keepers appeared to me during a session with a client who was suffering from a problem that seemed insurmountable and resistant to change.

The Wisdom Keepers revealed that the problem was triggering similar problems that the client had in previous life times. The effects were overwhelming producing experiences like Post Traumatic Effect.

The cells in your body is an Akashic record of all your experiences since the time you formed as a soul.

The Wisdom Keepers cannot take away your Past Life experiences because your soul asked for them for your own spiritual growth. They can quiet down the avalanche of triggers that interfere with the resolution of the current life

Service Detail

  • This session can be done as an individual session or in conjunction with other sessions.
  • It is a part of the Jump Start Program One and Two.
  • Individual Session: $197.00
  • Multiple sessions may be needed to clear an issue that is causing PTSD.

New Clients Must Book A Consultation First

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