Program for Professional Healers

I have been a Healer in active practice for 20 years. I have more than 20 years of study in various systems of Healing with teachers around the world. I trained with one particular teacher for 9 years in a subtle system of Healing that greatly assisted the development of my consciousness and my ability to travel through the subtle world.

All of these studies contributed to my mastery as a Professional Healer and my success with my clients. Click here to learn the testimonials.

I come from an Ancestry of Healers. My grandmother was a Curandera (traditional Healer in Central and South America). I was born with most of my Healing abilities. I studied to refine my abilities and to gain Mastery over what was already there.

I have created many unique products that are cutting edge for the modern day Healer. In addition, I have created more efficient ways to deal with very complex problems that plague clients today.

I continue to develop more unique Healing instruments and systems to help the modern day Healer.

I offer Mentorship to:

  • Practicing Healers
  • Students
  • Those interested in becoming a Healer
  • Companies developing products for Healers
  • Those who want additional study in courses that I offer

Mentorship Examples:

  • How to set up my practice
  • Approaches/ Insights on how to manage certain problems with clients
  • Client management
  • How do work with the client’s Doctors or Therapists
  • How to develop Products for Healers

How to Schedule an Appointment?

  • Fill out intake form
  • Schedule a Consultation regarding areas you desire mentorship for

Price per Hour: $190
Students can share time together. 3 students limited per hour

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