A Non-Medical LIGHT Therapy Treatment

I invented this system of Healing to increase the amount of LIGHT in the world and in the individual. It is my hope that by doing this, we will experience more peace and love.

This is a one-hour treatment that adds LIGHT to your consciousness, physical and subtle bodies, 16 chakras, and 12 different dimensions.

The Gold Treatment will shift your Light Measurement to one million plus. Disease is 1,000, Dark Forces 1000 – 11,000, Demonic Forces below 1000, Average Person 14,000 Meditator 18,000 Evolved Conscious Being 50,000 plus.

This session includes red cord cutting in 12 different dimensions and in 16 chakras. Cords create negative ties to people and circumstances. They also create blocks.

Benefits: Peace of Mind, resistance to Dark Forces, receptive to higher knowledge (you will understand more), increase in intuition, more receptive to prosperity, improves life.

Albert Einstein and NicolaTesla said that everything is frequency. If you can match the frequency, you can be there.
Light = Energy = Frequency = Light

Professional Clearings® include a Gold Treatment

Cost: $190

Want to Do this Session Yourself?

Purchase a Gold Kit or Nuummite Stones ($22/each, $37 for 2)
Recommended for individuals, Coaches, Healers, Doctors, Therapists, Body Workers, Mediums, Psychics, Hair Stylists
Recommended also for people who make high-frequency products and medicines.


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