Announcing Our Sixth Year!!

Althea Gray is happy to announce the 6th year of her
Professional Clearer® Master Certification Course.
Join us for the most comprehensive course on
clearing the ‘Unseen World’


Class Starts
January 2024 – December 2024
This is your year to become a Professional Clearer ®

Althea Gray, founder of Professional Clearer ®, is excited to offer a  SAFE AND PROFESSIONAL methodology for clearing unseen dark forces that could be causing health problems, depressions, anxiety, bad luck.  

She spent 17 years developing a methodology that can be learned by everyone.  Clear clients all over the world from your desk.  Her methodology works 100 percent and results are felt instantly.

  • Free Monthly Tutorials Exploration into Artificial Intelligence
  • Light Layering
  • Guest speakers
  • Lay Line and Noxious Energy Lines – how they affect us?
  • Learn about how we are being influenced by subliminal messaging via electronics.
A full course syllabus will be given before classes begin.
  • 12 monthly modules – live classes.
  • Study course materials designed specifically for the Professional Clearer® certification course.
  • Guest Speakers (live and recorded)
  •  On location practicum in New Mexico  – Dates TBD * Travel, Lodging and Meals not included.
  • Compulsory Case Study requirements: Person, Houses and Commercial Properties
  • You will become experts in clearing people and places thousands of miles away, instantly, from your desk. You will never have to go to the location
  • You will learn the language of the ‘Unseen World’ and be able to speak intelligently about dark forces in your findings
  • You will learn how to evaluate precisely what type of  dark forces that are affecting your client and their environment
  • You will learn why Professional Clearing is a form of healing
  • You will receive a special Gold Kit and learn how to remediate (heal) a property and person using light.
  • You will learn the ethics of this profession.
  • You will learn how to interview clients
  • You will learn how to market your new skills
  • SOMETHING NEW – Free Monthly Tutorials

  •  Dead People
  • Negative Entities
  • Negative Extra Terrestrial Energies
  •  Spells
  • Enchantments
  •  Psychic Attacks
  •  Presence of Evil
  • Spells from Past Lives
  • Enchantments from Past Lives
  • Vows from Past Lives
  •  Negative Imprints
  • Portals
  • Detrimental Extra Terrestrial Implants
  • Family Curses
  • Vows of Poverty
  • Black Magic
  •  Present Vows and Agreements
  •  Clear Ancient Anunnaki implants
  • Possession (Non Demonic)
  • Charms (Non Demonic)
  • Time Lines that block
  • Undo blocks in 12 dimensions and 16 different chakras
  • Undo Spells, Curses, Hexes
  • Remove all forms of mind control
  • Remove detrimental timelines
        And more….

Who Can take this Course?

  • Any person who wants self-care
  • Healers
  • Doctors
  • Therapist
  • Coaches
  • Hair Stylist and Nail Care People
  • Acupuncturist
  • Massage Therapist
  • Intuitive -Mediums
  • Lawyers


Kathy Reeser
“We are at a place and time that to be of service for the Highest Good of all we need the knowing of how to clear ourselves and loved ones from the unseen world. Althea’s course taught me about so much I was unaware of; and frankly afraid of, that keeps so many distraught. Knowledge is power and I feel very blessed to have taken Althea’s Professional Clearer’s Master Course. Her knowing, teachings and tools during this time of shift and change is a blessing…”



  • A Master Professional Clearer ® Certification from Althea Gray’s Institute for Professional Healers ®
  • You will receive a business description for your website

Early Registration Begins June 2023  through November
2023 Professional Clearer® Master Course Fee

$5997.00 – Sign Up Now

Discount Bonuses for Payment in Full and Early Registration:
●  NO service fee ($174.00) + NO sales tax ($292) (Total Discount $466) –  Course Cost $5531
●  Your name will be added to the 4 Bonus Drawings for one of the following:   

   Travel Size Light Ring                      (Value $1,000)
Jump Start Sessions with Althea   (Value $497)
Past Life Regression with Althea  (Value $497)
First Great Session with Althea.   (Value $275)

**Must be registered with a Full Payment by DECEMBER 30,  2023
to be eligible for bonuses.

*Full Refund requests honored through January 1, 2024
   *Refund requests from January 2nd- January 15 are subject to a 

*No refunds issued after January 15, 2024
Classes begin January 28, 2024

Payment Plans
(Standard Paypal service fees and sales tax apply for the payment plan)

$997 plus tax Initial Deposit – 
required for all Payment Plans.
(Payment plans begin 30 days after Initial Deposit)

followed by:
12 Monthly Payments of $431.00 plus tax

(Standard Paypal Service fee included in payments. Tax will be added to monthly payments.)

Inquire about other extended payment plans at

*Full Refund requests honored through January 1, 2024
   *Refund requests from   January 2nd- January 10 2024 are subject to a 
*No refunds issued after January 15, 2024

Contact to set up a payment plan that works best for you. 

Course Enrollment is limited! 
Registration open only until class size is reached

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