Soul Journey Program

Soul Journey Program


I created this program for those who have fallen through the cracks and who have tried and tried to Heal without much success.

This program is for those who have very deep-seated problems that have been resistant to change. It is for those who feel broken in some way.

This program can also help those who are in serious life transitions.

A commitment of 8 months is required to be in this program.

Many types of treatments are used (see the menu of services) along with insight therapy.
Radionics is employed when necessary. This program is the most comprehensive program that I offer.

Healer and client work intensely together to transform you and to help you have a better way to navigate life.

You will receive:

  • Clarity ( I understand why I have a problem)
  • Tools ( You will be given alternative tools to navigate life)
  • New Narrative ( You will be a better more insightful you)
Cost: $390 per month / 4 sessions


Althea Gray
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505

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