Professional Clearers Certification Course




– Can’t beat 100 percent


Finally, a Professional Clearing system that clears the Unseen World with 100 percent accuracy. There is NO system available that is as thorough, instant, and safe.

Althea Gray, Founder

Althea Gray, Human Potential Healer, founder of Professional Clearers ®, took 15 years to perfect her full proof system to clear the Unseen World. She is currently working on a book describing the Unseen World and how it affects personal life. Look for: THINGS THAT GO BOO IN THE NIGHT ®


What You Will Learn


  • You will become experts in clearing people and places thousands of miles away, instantly, from your desk. You will never have to go to the location.
  • You will learn the language of the Unseen World and be able to speak Intelligently about your findings.
  • You will learn why Professional Clearing is Medicine
  • You will learn to clear: Dead People, Negative Entities, Negative Extra Terrestrial Energies, Spells, Enchantments, Psychic Attacks, Presence of Evil, Spells from Past Lives, Enchantments from Past Lives, Vows from Past Lives, Negative Imprints, Portals, Detrimental Extra Terrestrial Implants, Family Curses, Vows of Poverty, Black Magic, Present Vows and Agreements, Clear Ancient Anunnaki implants, Possession (Non Demonic), Charms (Non Demonic).
  • You will learn about the Demonic Energies vs Presence of Evil
  • You will learn to understand LIGHT, measure LIGHT, and, shift LIGHT
  • You will learn about the Bovis Scale
  • You will learn how to perform all clearings at a distance
  • You will learn to explain all aspects of the Unseen World
  • You will learn a precise evaluation system that include charts
  • You will learn the symptoms of Dark Force infestation
  • You will learn to cut cords that bind
  • You will learn how to clear 12 different Dimensions, 12 Chakras, Chakras in the hands and feet.
  • You will learn Feng Shui concepts relating to how a “space” can attract Dark Forces.

What You Will Receive


  • You will receive a Professional Clearers ® Certification from Althea Gray’s International Institute for Professional Healers
  • You will receive a Professional Clearers Kit that includes a Professional Clearers GOLD KIT (created by Althea to increase LIGHT)
  • You will receive monthly online classes and 2 on location classes (one is compulsory) for one year. Compulsory Case Study requirements
  • You will be given access to products to offer your clients to maintain your Professional Clearing.


*Payment Plans available
Althea Gray
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