Professional Clearers Master Course 2020


Can’t beat 100% accuracy!

STARTS: JANUARY 2020 through DECEMBER 2020

Althea Gray, founder of Professional Clearer®, is offering her safe, precise, professional system of clearing dark forces from the Unseen World –with 100% accuracy!

Ancient and Shamanic cultures all acknowledge the symptoms of “unseen” forces as a cause for spiritual sickness. Althea has spent the last 15 years of her life developing a methodology to isolate the cause for these problems and a method to get rid of them. 

Results are felt instantly!

A full course syllabus will be given to those who sign up

  • Monthly online classes 
  • Study course materials designed specifically for the Professional Clearer® certification course.
  • Guest Speakers
  • on location classes in New Mexico (*one is compulsory) – Dates TBD  *Lodging / Accommodations not included
  •  Compulsory Case Study requirements of Person, Houses and Commercial Properties
  •  You will become experts in clearing people and places thousands of miles away, instantly, from your desk. You will never have to go to the location
  • You will learn the language of the ‘Unseen World ‘and be able to speak intelligently about dark forces in your findings
  • You will learn how to evaluate precisely what type of  dark forces that are affecting your client and their environment
  • You will learn why Professional Clearing is a form of “Healing”

You will learn to CLEAR
 – Dead People
 – Negative Entities
 – Negative Extra Terrestrial Energies
 – Spells
 – Enchantments
 – Psychic Attacks
 – Presence of Evil
 – Spells from Past Lives
 – Enchantments from Past Lives
 – Vows from Past Lives
 – Negative Imprints
 – Portals
 – Detrimental Extra Terrestrial Implants
 – Family Curses
 – Vows of Poverty
 – Black Magic
 – Present Vows and Agreements
 – Clear Ancient Anunnaki implants
 – Possession (Non Demonic)
 – Charms (Non Demonic)
In Addition: 

 • You will learn how to clear blocks in 12 different dimensions
 • You will learn how to clear blocks in 16 different chakras
 • You will learn the difference between Demonic forces vs the                   Presence of Evil
 • You will learn to understand LIGHT, how to measure LIGHT,
   how to shift LIGHT
 • You will learn the language and description of many types of                dark forces
 • You will learn the symptoms of Dark Force infestation
 • You will learn how to undo spells and curses
 • You will receive all course materials needed to complete the                   ProfessionalClearer® certification
 • You will learn professional ethics 
 • You will learn Feng Shui concepts relating to how a “space” can             attract Dark Forces

*Available during course year low cost private or group tutorials


  • Professional Clearer® Master Certification from      Althea Gray’s International Institute for Professional Healers®
  • You will receive a wholesale list of products that can be sold to your clients 
  • Low cost private or group mentoring 

Course Cost: $9,997.00
Payment Plan Available
(Standard service fee for payment plan)
Enrollment ends November 30, 2019


Course Enrollment is limited! 
Registration open only until class size is reached

Professional Clearer® 2019 Class


Althea Gray is an amazing, magical, powerful, yet humble healer and spiritual teacher. Althea’s knowledge and expertise have made a significant different to my life and empowered me.  
I’ve been helping several people and two businesses … one business sold after a few days of my clearing! And both business said that all of their clients that have not been there for a  long time have started to come in again! Both said that there is more light in their places and something shifted in their places of business!
Althea’s knowledge and expertise have made a significant different to my life and empowered me. I’m blessed and proud to be one of her students in her 2019 professional clearer master course to clear the unseen world. I highly recommend Althea Gray and her magical professional clearer master course.  
I’m blessed and proud to be one of her students in her 2019 Professional Clearer® Master Course to clear the unseen world.
I highly recommend Althea Gray and her magical Professional Clearer
®Master Course.  

Yeganeh Inder Kaur ~
Psychotherapist, Victim Advocate, Reiki Master and Certified Kundalini Yoga and Mediation Instructor.


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