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Founder, Althea Gray

– Can’t beat 100 percent


I cannot remember a time in my life when I was not connected to the Spirit World.

I can remember being taunted by dead people and entities when I was a child.

I was not aware that others could not see the things that I could see.

At 17, after a deep spiritual experience in Pondicherry, India, I encountered the “beast” himself. I embattled him and won. I was no longer afraid of the unseen world after that encounter.

I have since been able to help others win over Dark Forces.

I have engaged at various times in my life Shamans, Medicine People, Priests to help clear Dark Forces that would harass me and my home from time to time.

No one I hired was ever thorough enough to clear everything.

15 years ago, I began to develop a system of clearing the Unseen World in a precise, clear, and safe manner. With the help of a wonderful spiritual guide, Beverly Audet, I began this amazing work.

Few can boast 100 percent accuracy.

My Professional Clearing System includes:

  • A deep and thorough analyses of the problems at hand.
  • Cord Cutting the Chakras in the hands and feet are included
  • All Clearings include a Gold Treatment to increase the amount of LIGHT in your subtle bodies, consciousness, and environment.

I advise clearing a person and their home at the same time. What is on the person, is also in their home.
Businesses have different requirements because of how the space is divided.

Sometimes, it important to cut cords with certain people and places so that they are not continuously draining you of LIGHT.

Who Needs a Professional Clearing

Here are some symptoms that indicate you could benefit from a Professional Clearing:
Anxiety, Pressure on the chest, Difficulty staying focused, Short tempered, Angry, Aggressive, Judgmental, Mental rehearsing of painful experiences from the past, Depression, Sleep Problems/Fatigue, Nightmares, Bad Luck

Symptoms for Children

Crying all of time
Trouble Focusing
Sleep Problems
Anxiety/ Separation Anxiety
Eating too much or too little
Short Attention Span
Acting Out

Symptoms for Buildings

Sticky Feeling
Feeling that someone is watching you
Something touching you
People arguing in the house or building
Intense energy at night
Bad Luck
Real Estate/Unable to Sell

Who Is Susceptible

Sensitive People (children included)
People in People Professions (Healers, Doctors, Therapists, Hair Stylist, Message Therapists, Psychologists, Mediums, Coaches)
People who work in Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Medical Facilities, Churches
Mentally Ill
Temperament (unassertive, pushy, worriers)
People with Chronic Health Problems
People living in Houses or Buildings that are Infested with Dark Forces
Dead People (those that do not move on)

More Information

All clearings are done at a distance for safety reasons. In this way, people, houses, land, buildings can be cleared thousands of miles away. Clearings can be performed for clients all over the world. Distance is not problem.

Dark Forces affect children as well as adults. Clearings are performed on all children, including infants. If the child is older than 16, permission must be granted.


Products to Maintain Your Clearing

Programmed Nuummite Necklaces to Wear
Ring of Light (Produces Photon Energy, Scalar Waves, Orgone Energy, Protects Against Negative EMF’s)

Monthly Clearing Programs

Include Clearings/ Checks. Gold Treatment and Cord Cuts included (if needed)

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