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I am a Healer, plain and simple.

I was born with the capacity to Heal.
I have devoted much of my life to this noble profession.

I hope that my life’s journey will serve as a source of inspiration to anyone who wants to serve as a professional Healer.  I hope that it serves as a source of strength for those who feel like they will “never get there”.

I grew up in very humble beginnings and without the normal interface with the outside world. I believed this was destined so that I would look inward very early on.

I am grateful to my Nicaraguan grandmother who was a Curandera (Shamanic Healer from Central and South America). She gave me the genetic material to be a Healer

I am grateful to the gifted teachers and mentors I had along the way. I studied with the best all over the world. My path took me to far corners of the world so that I would feel comfortable with all people and all cultures.

My first clinic was in Sri Lanka. I serve as Honorary Consul of Sri Lanka for the past 14 years.

Answering the “call” to be a Healer, requires a willingness to step over many thresholds.
For many, it requires a small death of self as you know it. There is no barometer to tell how long this internal maturation process will take. Finding God in darkness requires great faith.

I learned that faith is not a thing outside of yourself. It is a knowing that you are the faith that you seek.

The greater the consciousness of the Healer, the greater the Healer’s capacity to heal.

A Healer’s life is one of continuous growth and learning.

A Healer understands the complex Divine Interface between the physical and subtle world.

Soon, Healers will serve an important role in Functional Medicine




Ana Alfaro de Conte
althea gray

Althea Gray

Althea’s Accomplishments:

Founder of the Gold Kit (kit designed to increase light)
Founder of Althea Gray’s International Institute for Professional Healers
Founder of Professional Clearers® (only program designed to clear all dark forces)


Althea is:

  • Curandera
  • Healer in practice for 20 years
  • Served as an officer for the Global Foundation for Integrative Medicine
  • Honorary Consul of Sri Lanka
  • Certified Feng Shui Expert
  • Certified California Designer
  • Professional Clearer ®
  • Long standing member of the American Society of Dowsers
  • Speaker at National and International Conferences
  • Radio Guest
  • Retreat Host
  • Workshop Host (see How to Invite Althea)
  • Mentor to Healers
  • Consultant

The Most Recent Radio Interview

The Natural Nurse by Ellen Kamhi, PhD, RN.

Ellen Kamhi, PhD, RN, interviews Althea Gray, Human Potential Healer, about a healing treatment as a spiritual path where it increases light in the cells and subtle bodies. Read more about the interview.


I continue to be open to birthing just the right things and the right time. Please explore my “Menu of Services” and “How I work” to learn more about how I Heal.

Special thanks to my mentors, teachers ,and clients.

Thank you, Ana Alfaro de Conte, my daughter Ava, Colette Baron-Reid, Tommy Gardner, Brenda Schinke, Marc Von Musser, Guru Dev Singh, Dr. Linda Lancaster, Dr. Vimal De Alwis, Dr. Ravi Ponniah, The Mother, Thich Nan Han, Poonjaji,
Yogi Bhajan, and countless friends and clients who have had such great faith in me.

Remember to pass on the help that you are given. It keeps the gift going.

Althea Gray
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505

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