How I Help You Heal

How I Heal

I came into this world with the consciousness and genetics to become a Healer. My grandmother was a Curandera (shamanic Healer from Central and South America). I inherited her bones.

In order for me to awaken that potential, I had to work very hard to develop my gifts as a Healer. My gifts and knowledge evolved over years of study and hard work. I had to prove my worth and dedication.

All Healers go through many Rites of Passage before they are allowed to touch your spirit.

A Healer’s consciousness and depth of knowledge will determine the kind of healing you will receive and your ultimate outcome.

I continue to evolve, learn, and offer new things to assist my clients in their evolution and the evolution of the planet earth.

Through my 20 years as a Healer, I have developed more precise ways to get to the heart of the matter.

I developed more efficient systems of healing.

I educate and lecture about healing.

I developed extraordinary LIGHT tools. These tools increase the amount of LIGHT in your subtle bodies, organs, consciousness, and environment. Everything is LIGHT. Light = Energy= Frequency= LIGHT

Every Healer has their bend. My bend is getting at the seed of the problem.

I use the word seed because it is from there that many things take root. Those roots can travel far and deep making healing a complex process.

Althea's hands


  • I evaluate the Condition.
  • I decide what type of program you need to get the best results.
  • I begin with Ancestral Clearing (mother and father side), Spirit Retrieval (spirit loss through trauma), Bone Collecting (subtle body damage due to trauma).
  • I focus on the most pressing issues first. This often leads to other underlining issues that must be addressed.
  • I am result oriented. I like to win for your sake.


Everything begins with your story. What is going on? Book a ½ hour consultation to tell your story.
Fill out an Intake form prior to your consultation INTAKE FORM
I will determine a course of action based on our consultation and intake form.

You will be given the following forms after we set up your program:

1. Before Session Form: This form outlines how we work together
2. After Session Form: This form describes how you feel after a Session.
3. Special Instructions
4. Payment Information
*Payments: Most Major Credit Cards are Accepted; Pay Pal Payments are available; Payments must be made prior to your sessions.


I developed a session called the FIRST GREAT SESSION to give people an experience of me. I wanted this session to be informative and healing at the same time.

This Session Will:

1. Help you to see how you are with yourself in present time.
2. Give you an opportunity to ask questions in this healing space as it connects to a field of truth (called the Divine Matrix). We can get to the “truth” of the matter through this field. A small balancing session is included. This session is 1 hour.

You will have to fill out a short INTAKE FORM prior to the session.


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