Althea Gray Welcomes You

We are on the precipice of extraordinary change. Remember that change is an ally. We are experiencing the in between time. As an anthropologist once said about the rites of passage, " We are in the time of no longer and not yet." At some point, transformation becomes you, it is no longer an idea.

All of my Healing work is focused on helping you transition to your own sacred space, where you can find "you" over and over again.

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See the Dreams

See the Dreams that you want. Most of us are in a constant state of becoming. Change is wiser than we are. It opens new possibilities.

Uplift Yourself...

Uplift yourself and you uplift others. Heal yourself and you heal generations to come. Making Humanity a priority in life helps the whole planet. Be loving, Be generous, Be thoughtful, It will return to you 10 fold.

Our Subtle Bodies

Our deepest stories and purest nature is found in our subtle fields. It is in these subtle fields that the most profound change and deepest healing can occur.


Humankind has always been seeking a reconnect to their own true Divine nature. When did the schism happened? We do know that the separation from our Divine nature has caused a feeling of profound loss. We have been trying to find our way back ever since.

"'s all about your Potential and it is Phenomenal "

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