What is Healing

A Healer’s gift extends beyond the physical and mundane world to those things which are not apparent and are deeply affecting your ability to return to a state of wellness and wholeness.  A Healer has the unique capacity to have one hand in heaven and one hand on earth.

A Healer is adept at working with those subtle systems that directly impact how you heal.


A Healer has the unique capacity to see where these fractures are and how they are breaking the flow of Divine energies which give vitality to all things big and small.

The human being embodies a complex network of cosmic and subtle energies that are expressed through the human’s subtle and physical form. Yogi’s and great Masters through time have described this extraordinary subtle network which connects the human to his perfect Divine codes.

What separates the human from this eternal cosmic flow?  Beliefs,  Choices, Karma, Ancestry, Past Life trauma,  consumption all can create separation.  If the separation is prolonged and becomes too fractured, the human experiences disease, unhappiness, loss of direction, depression.

A Healer does not hold a conclusion, but, an empty space for the body, mind, and spirit to remember and reconnect with its own perfect self.   The following charts show the complexity of our Subtle System.

Any Blockages or damage in the Subtle System will cause a problem in the physical and mental body.

Prana = Divine Creative Energy
Rayi = Matter

Prana and Rayi is kept united and integrated through the subtle system.  Through the subtle integration and unity of Prana and Rayi, the individual is able to gain a worldly experience called life. Life is a series of experiences.  We gain these experiences through our sense organs and instruments of action in the body.    These are supported by our mind and intellect.

A Healer knows How to Pierce the Veil and Use tools to penetrate the Mysteries.

A Healer knows how to enter the subtle fields of your body and experience what is not in balance and flow.  Divine Flow is like a fluid harmony of sound that keeps the life force strong and vital.

There are many things that impact this subtle perfection: Trauma, Diet, How you think, Stress, Lack of Love, Constant Arguing, Your beliefs about “YOU”, Past Lives, Ancestry, Spells, Magic. Penetration from outside entities.  These are just a few.

Thoughts of unconditional love, generosity, Spiritual Practice, healthy diet are medicine for the Subtle Systems. The Subtle System likes to be treated with Subtle Medicine: Subtle Healing, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Flower Remedies, Sound (Mantras), Yoga, Prayer, Meditation, Mindful Good Thoughts, Vibrational Therapies.

Some other tools a Healer uses are: Intuition (the Art of Knowing), the Ability to go beyond the physical realm, Past Life work and Ancestral work.

A good Healer is astute at unraveling what created the lack of flow in the first place.

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