Ring of Light


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It clears very dark forces. It is best used to clear spaces and to maintain high levels of light in environments that are challenged because of what people leave behind.

  • Produces LIGHT, the Torus Ring, Photon Energy, Scalar Energy and Orgone
  • Restores Human Bio-Energetic Field, increase Light anywhere it is in contact: buildings, food, water, crystals, essential oils, homeopathy.
  • Use it to clear Dark Forces
  • Use for Distant Healing
  • Great for people who are in People Professions (Healers, Therapists, Coaches, Health Care Professionals)
  • Great for any Household use
  • Do not place medications in the Ring/ it may change the Dosage
  • This is not a medical device. For serious health conditions see your doctors or therapist.
  • Two size options: Large Ring (22-inch) with 1,500 Box and Travel-size Ring with 1,500 Box.

Normal, Travel Size


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