Mount Shasta Retreat

Calling Those Who Are Called II


Dates: October 5-9 2017
Place: Mount Shasta, California


In 2013, the first group of Way Finders went to Mount Shasta. We all experienced profound spiritual experiences that transformed our personal lives. We planted a EARTH STABILIZER in a sacred place in the mountain to balance the earth.

Four years later, 2017, I am called to take another group of Way Finders to Mount Shasta. The purpose of this pilgrimage is to seed the earth of things to come.

I am calling “those who are called”, you know who you are, to come and birth the seeds that will set into motion the wheel of light which will push the wave and bring into being, the NEW EARTH. Dr. Carl Callerman, the expert on the Mayan Calendar, describes the Waves in his many books and “you tubes”. We are now experiencing the final wave, the 9th wave, the last wave before the shift.

Whether we like it or not, change is upon us. We see it in the world around us. The wave has started and there is no turning back. The wheel of light is moving forward.

We will birth a book called THE SEEDLING. It will contain your dreams and visions of what needs to be seeded.


More details of this Pilgrimage will be posted in the next 10 days.
Stay Posted.


Althea Gray
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505

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