The Forgotten Moon – ASD Workshop


The Forgotten Moon

– Join Master Healer, Althea Gray, for A Workshop and Presentation

We have forgotten the transformational Powers and Magic of the Moon.
Althea will demonstrate, discuss, and teach how we can reconnect to the transformational powers of the Moon to clear shadow and relentless Ancestral stories that block our personal dragon (our personal power). Please join Althea to learn techniques on how to use the Alchemy of the Moon.

American Society of Dowsers National Conference 2017
Saratoga Springs, New York.
Presentation – 3:30 pm – 4:45 pm, June 17, Saturday
Workshop – June 18, Sunday

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Althea Gray, Internationally Known Master Healer, Speaker, Workshop Host

Althea Gray has been a practicing Curandera and Healer for nearly 20 years. She has a thriving practice in New Mexico. She is always on the cutting edge of new energies available to use to expand who we are. She is the founder of the Gold Treatment, Professional Clearers ® (clearing of dark forces), Althea Gray’s Institute for Professional Healers. She has been a speaker at ASD, presenter at Colette Baron Reid’s workshops, presenter at the Global Foundation for Integrative Medicine, speaker at the US Psychotronics Conference, and guest on Radio Shows like “The Natural Nurse”. She believes a Healers sacred journey with you is to empower you and make you whole.

Join Now – The Forgotten Moon

The presentation: 3:30 pm – 4:45 pm, June 17, Saturday

The workshop: June 18, 2017 Sunday

*Please check for schedule

Each month we look at the moon, we are dazzled by its brightness and its incredible ability to caress the tides and ocean waters. We know the moon can influence how we feel, but, we have forgotten the true magic of the moon. The moon represents the magical energies of the Divine Feminine. Original depictions of Mary have her standing on a crescent moon. This presentation will reacquaint you with the lore, the magic, and practice uses of moon magic.

Our love affair with the Earth and Moon has been with us since they formed together in the cosmos. Scientists say they were formed around the same time and have the same core. Most ancient civilizations revered the moon and knew how to use the qualities of the moon to enhance their lives.

The ancient Sumerians and Egyptians personified the moon and assigned the moon with names of gods and goddesses. Thoth was the most famous of the Moon Gods; the Greeks called him Hermes. The female moon goddess is “Blessed Mary”. She goes back to the peoples of Mesopotamia and has been known by many names throughout history. In medieval times, the Druids, Pagans, and other spiritual systems based on the elements used the moon to guide their lives and practices.

Today, in 2017, we look at the moon and have forgotten our connection to it! We have forgotten how to its cycles and energies to deal with our unconscious self, our fantasies, our deepest fears, divine epiphanies, and our personal resurrection. The moon has qualities to enhance our deepest transformation.

My workshop will demonstrate, discuss, and teach how we can use the energies of the moon to embrace our shadow, to clear ancestral stories that may be blocking your own true expression, to re-ignite the passion of the dragon within (personal power), and to re- embody the wisdoms from the twelve planets. You will be given exercises to ignite the self that is ready to be born during this extraordinary time on planet earth.  The moon is the ultimate alchemist who can help us transform silver into gold. Join with others on re-learning about your Forgotten Moon.


Althea Gray
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505

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