Dowsing is an ancient tool with a long history.
The oldest evidence of dowsing was found on murals in the Atlas Mountain of North Africa dating back 8,000 years.

The most common use for dowsing over the years was to find water. In the 1800’s dowsing became a diagnostic tool for medicine and other serious queries.

Today, dowsing is used more and more to find missing persons, to select health remedies for clients, to discover beneficial insights into complex life concerns.
Healers are using dowsing to quantify their work. Dowsing helps us get out of the way of complex decision making so that thoughtful more precise choices can be made.

Join me at Colette Baron-Reid’s Oracle Palooza 2019 June 7 -9 San Diego for a fun exploration of what dowsing can do for you in your life.


Althea Gray, Internationally Known Master Healer, Speaker, Workshop Host

Althea Gray has been a practicing Curandera and Healer for nearly 20 years. She has a thriving practice in New Mexico. She is always on the cutting edge of new energies available to use to expand who we are. She is the founder of the Gold Treatment, Professional Clearers ® (clearing of dark forces), Althea Gray’s Institute for Professional Healers. She has been a speaker at ASD, presenter at Colette Baron Reid’s workshops, presenter at the Global Foundation for Integrative Medicine, speaker at the US Psychotronics Conference, and guest on Radio Shows like “The Natural Nurse”. She believes a Healers sacred journey with you is to empower you and make you whole.

Althea Gray
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