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Clearing Stories from Your Bones


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See Althea Gray on Susan King’s – “we carry ancestors in our bones”

Sometimes we have to quiet the songs in our bones…

Ancient civilizations understood that we carry our ancestors in our bones.  Like haunting melodies; their sounds reverberate through every cell in our body.  We often do not heal at our deepest level because of enduring patterns that reoccur in our family lineage.  To embody our fullest self and to experience the deepest levels of healing, sometimes it is necessary to put those ancient songs to rest.

No healing is complete without clearing the stories of your ancestors.  We act out these stories unconsciously, not knowing where they come from.

We carry in our cellular memory and DNA  ancient stories from our mother side and our father side.  We carry obvious things such as hair and eye color, stature, talents, health issues, etc.. The less obvious things may be very ancient and still compelling.

Stories like suicide and sexual abuse tend to run in a lineage.

There is usually one person born into a lineage who chooses to ” heal” the lineage.  This pact is done before they enter this life time.

That person either embodies fully the painful stories of their lineage and is weighed down by it, or they  excel…………they feel driven to up lift the family story.

The session includes travelling to the ancient Hall of the Ancestors in the spirit world.  This Hall is like

the Long House of the Hawaiians or Mohawks.  In that Hall,  we summon in your ancestors.

What is revealed are the ancient stories.  You have an opportunity then to send back those stories that don’t belong to you.  You are also given an opportunity to accept gifts that are sent to you.

Results:  An opportunity to be more of your authentic self.

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