Alberta Canada Velva Dawn Event


Explore How to Become a Professional Healer with a Master Healer!

Join internationally known Master Healer, Althea Gray, with a series of pioneering workshopsdesigned to make “you” a Healer who makes a difference.

*All classes come with a certificate of completion from Althea Gray’s International Institute for Professional Healers.

Alberta, Canada, November 11-13


The Master Healer, Althea Gray

She is a Human Potential Healer and Master Dowser. She hails from a lineage of Healers from Nicaragua. She has taught at Colette Baron Reid’s workshops and has been a on going speaker for the American Society Dowsers National Conferences, US Psychotronic Conferences, and for the Global Foundation for Integrative Medicine.

Day 1
First in the Series

Dowsing for Healers

*Class includes charts and pendulum designed for medical dowsing.

  • What does it mean to be a professional healer?
  • Learn how to Dowse and how healers use dowsing
  • Take the guess work out of healing/quantify what you do
  • Learn how to measure energy/ Did I make a difference?
  • Learn how to use charts to make evaluations
  • Certificate course (requirements: small exam, 3 case studies using class information)
  • Conference call review included

Day 2 & 3
Gold Treatment (R)

Full two day certification course

*Class includes Gold Kit value: $397 US dollars
Alchemy of Gold, Tensors Rings, and Light: Change Your Life with Light

  • Learn the history of light and its importance to humanity
  • Learn the significance of different light measurements in terms of health, healing and consciousness
  • How is LIGHT Star Medicine
  • Learn how to use Gold and Tensor Rings, designed especially for the Gold Treatment® to increase levels of light achieved by illumined Yogis
  • Learn how to use color and symbols to enhance the levels of light for specific healing goals
  • Learn how the lack of sufficient light can open the door to dark forces
  • Meet Angels and Ascended Masters by matching their levels of light

This was featured at Colette Baron Reid’s UNCHARTED event.


*This a Velva Dawn sponsored event.

Althea Gray
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505

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